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The Right Equipment

Any job is going to be easier and safer with right tools and equipment.  Most basic landscape projects start with a shovel, rake, broom and a wheelbarrow.  More difficult jobs may require heavier equipment,  Backhoes, excavators, trenchers, and graders.  For that weekend project, rental equipment may be the way to go.  For even larger projects you may need help from a contractor    
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The Right Plant

The Right tree in the right place.  Keep this in mind when planting.  For example,  Pine Trees under telephone wires don't work.  They grow quickly and would need lots of pruning to keep the wire clear.   The amount of sun, shade, water, and soil conditions are also important.  If you have a plant your not sure about, let us know.

Everybody wants it done right,  Everybody wants it done cheap, and Everybody wants it done quickly.  But don't ever sacrifice this for being safe.  Like any job, no your limits.  Landscaping can require heavy lifting.  Always use your legs and not your back.  Get some help if you need it.  Having a good par of gloves and boots is also important, and always follow the safety guidelines for the products, materials and equipment that you use.
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General landscaping covers a wide areas.  There's always something that needs to be done.  Grass mowing, weeding, watering, planting.  Even in the winter months pruning, stone walls and deer damage.  With so many things to do, simply take it one job at a time.  Remember, landscaping is not a revolution, its an evolution, before you get started or for even the seasoned green thumb there are things to consider: